Stucco & Parging Repair

In addition to stucco installation, we provide every type of stucco repair services. Whether you are looking to impart a new life to your old exterior stucco or trying to repair a crack in the wall, we are always available to help. Repairing stucco can be a cumbersome task especially if the damage is extensive. We have all the expertise, tools and skills necessary to repair any kind of stucco.

We can offer solutions to any of your stucco related problems be it is a new spray, adding new shapes and colors or just repairing what already have on your walls. Being the leading Edmonton stucco contractors, we have specialized in both the commercial and residential buildings stucco repair. We take care of both new and existing buildings throughout the Edmonton area.

May be there is a crack in your expensive exterior stucco wall or you just want us to build your dream home without any flaws. You don’t need to worry. We will take care of your tasks either way. We manage to exceed the expectations of our clients every time regardless of the size of the project.

We can proudly claim that we are the first choice stucco and parging application, repair and restoration company in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Years Of “On The Job” Stucco And Parging Repairing Experience

We have experts who have years of “on the job” stucco and parging repairing experience. High quality Stucco repair work demands a lot of professional abilities and acumen and this is what our experts offer to our clients. We are sure to have all the textures and colors choices to meet all of your specific requirements no matter what your desires or needs might be.

At Astra Construction, we always try to implement our tried and tested and reliable techniques to repair stucco and parging. There is nothing wrong in saying that these techniques have never let us down. We have also developed a comprehensive stucco repair checklist which can easily rival any checklist of our competitors. You need to keep in mind that high quality stucco applications and repairs can be very expensive and labor intensive. However, this is where we are different from the rest. We offer cost effective and pain free stucco application and repair solutions to our clients.