Edmonton Moulding Contractor

Our moulding, also known as EPS architectural details, consist of a body of expanded polystyrene (EPS), glue, a fibreglass mesh reinforcement and a cement base coat. The base coat provides a high-strength, high-bond portland cement substrate that forms a hard, durable, water-resistant surface.

We can manufacture virtually any shape if a clearly dimensioned drawing is provided. We can also create returns for windows and mitre join corners for large projects. Simply send us the applicable inside measurements. We will account for complexities such as jams on the window. It will require additional footage being ordered and a shop fee will be applied.

Client Testimonials:

Satisfied Customer of Astra Construction

Our experience with Astra Construction was fantastic. They fabricated and installed natural stone on our walls. There is nothing wrong to say that they have some of the most experienced and skilled workers in the industry. Their professionalism and knowledge of their field was unbelievable. They went out of their way to ensure that we are 100% satisfied with their work. All of their workers were friendly and genuinely seemed to enjoy their work.