Similar to stucco, parging is another technique used in construction for the finishing of masonry wall surfaces. However, it differs from stucco in its mixture composition which is masonry-based mortar. The parging mixtures are usually made of Portland cement, blend of lime, masonry cement and water, where a standard masonry trowel is used to apply it. Parging has two types of coatings: acrylic and cement and can be utilized on existing and new walls in both commercial and residential applications. Parging repair too is an easy task and the uniform surface can be easily restored.

You can choose the parged walls to be very smooth or heavily textured depending on your desired finishing. Also like stucco, parging can be used for both the exterior and the interior of your house. It may be applied on columns, foundations, vertical surfaces and any surfaces made up of stone, brick or concrete. The mixture is relatively heavy and thus is applied in thin layers. To create thicker finishing, multiple coats can be used.

Parging work

Advantages of Parging

Parging is a great and an easy solution to hide and cover unpleasant and unattractive masonry surfaces in an economical way. Holes, voids, cracks and water damage can be covered with the help of this technique. The material may also be applied to seal and secure small air leaks in the walls, also leading to marginal improvements in energy efficiency.  Moreover to supplement the surrounding surfaces, parged walls can even be painted using textured or smooth paint.

Although, parging offers a lot of benefits, it does have some cons associated with it as well. It may help scrupulous sellers to sell houses in the market with serious structural damages as it can cover up the signs. But luckily, with proper inspection such issues can easily be spotted and the true condition of the property understood. Summing up, parging serves an essentially decorative role and can be utilized to adorn your property. If parging repair requirements arise, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer effective solutions at great economical prices.